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    Anybody have the two Team Galactic pins that wants to trade them for the metallic Flare or Magma pins. Why dimdnsions additional for shipping, especially slow shipping. We are taking this very seriously. Eevee is my favorite : Hiya, long time no see. Edited to add more news ookemon shiny Tapu Koko stuff. Pokemon card dimensions inches you are permitted to post anything you have created, plushies, sculpts, cosplay, artwork traditional and digitalwritings, etc. The Rockruffs are both different versions. Contact areica96and she will try to get you the information you need promptly. This post is meant for discussion and critique, not to gain sales. Auctions will end Saturday March 11th at 6:00 p. All pictures can be clicked for a bigger version. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me. We do have a few rules we would like you to keep in mind. I got some new things for sale. Sales items: You can combine them with pickups. I keep gradually adding things and reducing my prices. I also realized one item from my Lillipup line has gone missing. Insurance cannot be added to airmail. I will have to ship on the weekend because dmensions my work hours. Sales items: You can combine them with pickups! Мы принимаем к оплате: Реквизиты для оплаты Вашей покупки Easter Rabbits Set of 4 Plush 6. Please follow this linke: to view my sales.

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