• Driver amd catalyst 154 beta

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    Bdta to put a fan in cattalyst to vent out the air for 10 minutes before Driver amd catalyst 15.4 beta could turn the system back on. My main display just goes black after startup. Wont be changing for quite a while. Catalywt tells me these release notes are largely useless. Cahalyst new with these. Only difference is that I told it to not install raptyr this time. It seems to be a regular occurrence. Would be nice if amd would just list these things on the driver page Click to expand. Also had a few random blackscreens transitioning between game modes and benchmarking. Back to the 14. Download: Click to download the driver. The only way I can get it back is to reboot or pull the power to the display and reconnect. I just installed these and haven't had any issues. This unified driver has been updated, and is designed to provide enhanced performance and reliability. Odd that you are seeing worse performance with CrossFire enabled. Depending on the game and system configuration, users may notice texture corruption and reduced frame rates when running games in multi-monitor Eyefinity modes. Ive noticed over the years, taking other peoples word for things like this is pretty pointless. My two displays would set the brightness to a lower setting. Can anyone post a screenshot from the driver catalyst software tab that shows exactly which drivers are in this driver. Anyone encountered drivre issues with this beta driver. Worked fine for me, and we have similar systems. I'm loading in the mid 60c range and the core driger only stay at the default 1018 for literally a few minutes before bouncing around to the 900's and lower, even with the power level at +50. Installed the newest driver last night, so far so good! My main display just goes black after startup. In order to provide the best platform for continued innovation, Jive no longer supports Internet Explorer 7. Download: Click to download the driver. We won't see a witcher 3 crossfire profile until 15.

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